About Acts India Mission Support Fund

This fund is dedicated to one of our partners, Acts India Mission (AIM), to build up the local church. Donations to this fund will go toward AIM's work with a network of lay pastors through discipleship and business development.

Local pastors will be equipped to plant churches in unreached areas in South Asia through a year-long training program. Some courses include: entry strategy, evangelism, discipleship skills, and church formation. They will also receive practical experience in the field with guidance from our partner before being sent out to areas in which they will plant a church. The total annual cost for training a pastor is $350.

AIM is working with local pastors to start a business called Viznara, which makes handicrafts including jewelry, bags, candles, and other household handicraft items. The cost to get this business up and running with the necessary training will cost $10,000 USD to help support 10 employees. If you would like to contribute towards this business, which will help provide area pastors in Delhi with sustainable business and income for their families, all while pastoring and planting churches, you can donate here. On the subsequent page, you can click the option to contribute towards Viznara Business Start-Up.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out to our team at info@lightbearers.com.

Lightbearers serves as an intermediary between donors and this partner. All funds raised will be directed towards the ministry described above.